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Innovation is the basis of your growing success, Galagio is eager to help you develop your innovative applications that seamlessly integrate in and extend your daily operations.

Galagio a joined initiative by Faros & ePact, bringing together the best of both worlds. Faros’ well appreciated in-depth experience in Spring, Pivotal, Kubernetes and Agile Java Development combined with ePact’s profound VMWare operations and management consulting experiences.

Galagio stands for quality, by focussing on leading edge Java, and VMWare technologies, we are able to build, run and manage your innovative Cloud (Hybrid or Public or Private) based software solutions.

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Our Services

We empower your team, to build, run and manage
the rights things for your users.



Green Field

You want to launch a new digital product, service, app ?
We help you validate your concept quickly, by developing a MVP or POC. All based upon agile development to focus your team on delivering quality products your customers desire, faster.


We help assess business critical applications, resulting in a plan and budget and then start migrating your legacy application into modern future prove applications, more reliable, user-friendly and scalable.



Dev Ops

Are you facing following challenges :
* encourage developer productivity
* containerise your applications
* bring your code faster into production
Galagio's DevOps Engineers can help you define and implement a CI/CD approach, with automated testing and in a secure way. Among the technologies we love are : Jenkins, Concourse, Spinnaker

Platform Ops

In this fast changing digital world you need to deliver innovative products more rapidly and provide the value customers expect. To do that, you need a cutting-edge Cloud Hybrid or Cloud Native platform. That’s where we come in. We are experts in VMware PKS and ease your KUBERNETES journey, in a tightly integrated platform



Manage Ops

Keeping your platform up-to-date and running is an enormous challenge in this containerised microservices oriented application era. With VMware Tanzu Mission Control we manage and apply policies to all your Kubernetes clusters.

Discover VMware tanzu



Share Experience

Galagio's Development Team does not simply conduct training sessions - we really transfer our know-how and experiences. Our sessions are given by consultants with day to day project development experiences. They are Spring Certified developers and Spring Certified trainers, and/or VMware Certified Specialists.

In house or on Site

In Belgium we co-educate with Cronos Campus, were our experienced trainers provide :
* Spring Trainings
* VMWare Trainings
On behalf of Pivotal our Certified Consultants/Trainers travel around EMEA to share there knowledge and experience on customer site.

no solution without


One can not know everything, that’s way we focus
and certify in specific technologies. In this we can guarantee
up-to-date certified expertise and know-how.
Our consultants are experts in these technologies.

the foundation to be successful

Customer Centric
Result-Driven Methodology

We don’t just drop in, replay and leave. We empower your team to deliver products your customers needs, we transfer our experiences and know-how and instill and agile process – based upon best practices – that shows immediate and lasting results.

We help enterprises  to embrace and implement lean startup principles to build disruptive digital solutions.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. Empathy and inclusiveness are other values all our people share.

No Glory without

Passionate People

We love our customers, but without our consultants we would not have customers to cherish. 
Our consultants make it happen, they share their passion and knowledge.
At Galagio we invest in our people’s growth, stimulate your technological curiosity and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

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